Quantum Computing Market: Additional $29M Investment in D-Wave Systems

The quantum computing market is evolving and additional $29 Million financing round of D-Wave Systems is another evidence of growing VC community interest to this exciting game changing technology. This financing round brings total funding in D-Wave to $136 million (USD). Company’s press release also highlights growing awareness of quantum computing technology in such verticals as medicine and finance.

China Claims Successful Test of Homemade Laser Defense System

Xinhua, the state press agency of the People’s Republic of China, has announced a successfully test of a homemade laser defense system. The news release claims the following parameters:

Potential targets: small UAVs
Range: 2 km
Target Altitude: 500 m
Target Speed: up to 50 m/sec
Engagement time: 5 sec
Successful hit rate (30 targets): 100%

Analysts of Market Research Media, a think tank behind the recent market report High Energy Military Laser Market Forecast 2017-2022, have been skeptical about Chinese claims. “We believe that Xinhua’s news release is the PR stint trying to counterbalance the very real US advancement in military use of high energy laser systems. Currently US holds technological lead. Neither Chinese, nor Russians have the right mix of mature technological solutions”, says senior analyst of Market Research Media.

Big Data Startup RainStor Raises $12 Million

RainStor, a provider of database solutions for Big Data, has raised $12 million. The new funding will be used to accelerate engineering, expand a team and target marketing at Big Data market serving financial services, government, communications and other sectors driving the Big Data wave. RainStor provides a database, which enables the enterprise to manage and analyze petabyte scale at the lowest total cost. RainStor’s database has been adopted by over 100 global enterprises. Customers can flexibly deploy RainStor across a variety of low cost scalable hardware platforms including SAN, NAS, CAS in addition to Cloud and operates natively on Apache Hadoop. RainStor provides analytic and query access via standard SQL, popular BI tools and native MapReduce when running on HDFS.

This venture deal is an another evidence that the Big Data enters a phase of explosive growth, the following market studies support this point:

U.S. Intelligence Community Invests in Cloud and NoSQL Technology

Cloudant, provider of cloud solutions, has announced a custom development and strategic investment agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT), the venture arm of the U.S. Intelligence Community. Cloudant provides the Cloudant Data Layer as a service, a secure NoSQL-based cloud database service for developers of fast-growing Web and mobile applications. The U.S. government explores NoSQL technology to build scalable applications that collect, store, analyze and distribute data in more flexible and interactive ways.

The Cloudant Data Layer is a managed NoSQL database service for developers of fast-growing Web and mobile apps. With an Apache CouchDB-compatible, RESTful JSON API, built-in MapReduce, data replication and synch, and full-text search, Cloudant enables fast development and can distribute data across a global network of data centers or mobile devices for fault-tolerant, low-latency access to data by users anywhere.

Lately we see a lot of interest from government agencies all over the world in cloud and Big Data technologies:

VMware to Acquire Nicira for $1.05 Billion

VMware has announced coming acquisition Nicira, Inc., a network virtualization company and provider of software-defined networking (SDN), for $1.05 billion in cash plus approximately $210 million of assumed unvested equity awards. This acquisition considerably strengthens VMware position in emerging software-defined datacenter marketplace. The idea of software-defined datacenter is to abstract hardware resources and pool resources into aggregate capacity in virtual layer.